Thursday, May 28, 2015

Capacitance - Effect of Dielectrics

This is a short note on the discussion held during the lecture class on Capacitance of a capacitor fully filled with some dielectric of dielectric constant(K), suggesting that the capacitance increases with introduction of dielectric.
The next section of our discussion carried further what would be the capacitance of any capacitor if it is partially filled with some dielectric, this is an important part of this discussion and this derivation is often asked in board examination.

Further one can go for a specific cases and numerical problems based on the similar concepts, one can refer to the numericals given in Nootan Physics from this chapter especially 48 and 49.
Another important discussion follows after this is  the variation of various parameters associated with capacitors such as C, Q, V, E where the symbols have their usual meaning, on the insertion of dielectric, when battery is disconnected after charging the capacitor and dielectric is then introduced, as one case and in second case battery remain connected to the capacitor and dielectric is introduced.

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