Sunday, November 1, 2015

Wave Theory of Light - Electromagnetic Spectrum

What is Light? Age old questions, put up by many physicist... Is it wave or a particle (corpuscules)...
To begin with, we would refer this in context to our CISCE syllabus, light as a part of electromagnetic spectrum along with other counter parts such as RADIO, MICRO, INFRA, VISIBLE, ULTRA VIOLET, X-Rays, and GAMMA. (Seven such rays, auspicious number सात जन्म, सात कसमें, सात फेरे  and so on...).

As per the council rules what (STUDENTS) you need to know specifically in this chapter:
  • Common properties of all em waves.
  • Names of different types of em waves.
  • Uses of each type of waves.
  • Identification of waves on their usage.
  • Arrangement of increasing/decreasing order of em waves.
  • Harmful/danger's of different types of em waves.
The images below shows different components of electromagnetic waves with  their uses in day to day life.

Niche way to learn uses of e-m waves, just listen two to three will keep resounding in your ears.
Frequency and Wavelength Chart of em waves

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