Sunday, January 10, 2016

Syllabus XII- Nuclear Physics

Scope of Syllabus

Nuclear Energy

  • Nuclear  fission;  chain  reaction;  principle  of operation of a nuclear reactor.
  • Nuclear  fusion;  thermonuclear  fusion  as  the source of the sun's energy.

Theoretical (qualitative) prediction of exothermic (with release of energy)nuclear reaction, in fusing together two light nuclei to form a heavier nucleus and in splitting heavy nucleus to form middle order (lower  mass number)  nuclei, is evident from the shape of BE per nucleon versus mass number graph.
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Also calculate the disintegration energy Q for a  heavy  nucleus  (A=240)  with  BE/A (approx = 7.6 MeV  per  nucleon  split  into  two  equal  halves with  A=120 each  and  BE/A (approx= 8.5 MeV/nucleon);  Q (approx = 200  MeV).

Discovery  of fission.  Any one equation of fission reaction. Chain reaction- controlled and uncontrolled; nuclear  reactor  and  nuclear  bomb.    

Main parts of a nuclear reactor including a simple diagram and their functions - fuel elements, moderator, control  rods, coolant, casing; criticality; utilization of energy output - all qualitative  only. 
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Fusion,  simple  example  of 4H1 to 4He2 and its nuclear reaction equation; requires very high temperature (approx= 10(exp 6 degrees); difficult to achieve; hydrogen bomb; thermonuclear  energy production  in  the  sun and  stars.  [Details  of  chain  reaction  not required]. 

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